How to Study the Bible

It’s a big book! And it is our primary text for informing our faith. Where should you start and how can you understand what you are reading? Come and gain real tools to help you get the most out of studying God’s Word as you seek to know God and follow Him.

Speaker: Jennifer Shock is the Women's Pastor in the Life Groups ministry at the Vineyard. She loves watching women grow closer to God through connections to one another and the study of His Word. And as a former high school teacher, she loves kids, too!

Why Do Christians Do That?

There's a bunch of stuff that Christians do that might not make sense at first glance. Why do we baptize people? What's the deal with communion? Why do we read a book that wasn't even written to us? What about the confession of sins? Come and find out in this session.

Speaker: Susanna Fillipi is the Connecting Pastor at Vineyard Cincinnati. This means that she helps people who are new to the church or new to the faith figure out where they fit. She's been on staff for 11 years but has been attending the Vineyard since she was seven.

Intro to the Bible

The Bible is incredibly important because we believe it is God’s Word. We study it to know God better and His plan for each of us. Have you ever wondered: Is the Bible trustworthy? How does it all fit together? Come, build a stronger foundation, and gain greater clarity while exploring the Bible’s storyline from Genesis to Revelation.

Speaker: Darin Lewis is a JH/SH Biblical Studies teacher at Cincinnati Christian Schools. He has decades of experience in youth ministry, enjoys hip-hop dancing, and occasionally likes to think he’s Batman.

I've Got Questions

Do you have questions about God, Jesus, or theology but you’ve never felt like you could ask? Have you ever needed help understanding a Bible verse or passage? We want to give you a safe place where you can ask those questions and seek the answers that have been eluding you. In this session, no questions are too deep or too stupid, so ask away!

Speaker: Eric Chesney is the Director of Life Groups and Young Adult Pastor at Vineyard Cincinnati. Eric loves asking and wrestling with the tough questions of life, faith, the Bible and philosophy. He is passionate about helping others dig into Scripture so they can know and enjoy Jesus as he actually is and not as we think him to be.

Getting More Out of My Prayer Life

How often do you pray? How do you pray? And when you do pray, do you feel like God is even listening? Take a closer look at this important spiritual discipline, the amazing benefits, and gain some practical prayer tools to transform your prayer life.

Speaker: Holly Busch has been attending the Vineyard for 10 yeas and is currently leading a discipleship program in Vineyard Kids. She is married with four adult children. She is passonate about discipling kids and teens and is a great fan of Graeters raspberry chip ice cream.

My Identity in Christ

This is THE time in your life where you are figuring out who you are and who you want to be. So often in church, we talk about our identity in Christ, but what does that even mean? Find an anchor in your search in the person of Jesus. Learn how being rooted and grounded in Him is the steady place in a life full of questions.

Speaker: Emily Francis-Foster is the Senior Director of Next Gen Ministries at the Vineyard. She has been serving in children and student ministries for 26 years and has never lost her southern accent. She is passionate about helping kids and teens become leaders for God.

Going Thru Tuff Stuff Without Losing Faith

Do you feel like nothing ever goes your way? Bothered by the pain and suffering around you? Been through a sudden life change? The good news is that you have WAY MORE POWER than you think you do because Jesus is with you in the midst of your painful circumstances! Gain tools to find the life that Jesus bought for you and that God wants for you.

Raúl Latoni has been walking with Jesus for 32 years, serving Him full time in the church for 19. He is the Senior Director of Spiritual Growth at the Vineyard. He has a remarkable story of going through tough stuff and finding transformation in Jesus. Raúl's story began in Puerto Rico.

Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out or Looking Stupid

When we experience something awesome or exciting, we can’t wait to share it with our friends. But when it comes to telling our friends about Jesus, we feel awkward. We are called to tell our story and share the gospel with others. Find out what to say and ideas for how to tell others about Jesus.

Julia Mourer is the Human Resource Director at Vineyard Cincinnati and has been "taking the risk" to share Jesus by interweaving her faith and spirituality into risk adverse company cultures for almost two decades.

Doing Good

SOS is a great way to experience first hand the joy of serving others and demonstrating God's love in simple, practical ways. In this session, we will dig into why serving matters to God, to you, and to the world. You will discover ways that God can use your unique gifts and passions and leave with a personalized plan for doing good in Jesus' name.

Monica Roberts serves as the Executive Director of the Healing Center and oversees a ministry that offers hundreds of opportunities for people to express their gifts through serving. She believes that the church is called to make a difference in the world and that every Christian has a part to play in that mission.


Must take all 4

Life is full of many questions and our answers to these many questions are of eternal importance. How do we explain or defend our faith in a culture where truth is defined on a person’s personal choice? It is easy to get into a debate or argument. It is harder to patiently listen and explain and draw someone closer to Christ. In this 4 day session, we will look at how to defend our faith against some of the most well-known arguments against Christianity in a way that is both loving and respectful.

Mark Lutz has served at the Vineyard for 24 years and is the Director of Life Reset ministry at Vineyard Cincinnati where he oversees support and recovery groups. He has a strong desire for people to experience God in their everyday life, especially the parts that are hard.

Tuesday & Thursday Only

Woman of God

What does it mean to be a powerful woman of God? How can you navigate the messages our culture speaks about the worth, relationships, and beauty of women? Explore what it means to be a woman of God who leads and looks to Jesus for identity and purpose.

Megan Pielage is the Associate Director of the Life Reset ministry at Vineyard Cincinnati which assists to restore relationships, heal different areas of brokeness, and help people live out their God-defined identity. Megan has also worked as a counselor for the past 14 years and has been on staff at VCC for 6 years.

Man After God's Own Heart

We can be messy and impulsive sometimes but we want to make a difference for Jesus. In this session, we will look at what it means and looks like to be a man after God’s own heart. We’ll tackle common issues such as purity, pride, and laziness and seek to learn how we can put our full trust in God to redeem us from those things that entangle us so easily.

Brandon Lute is the Director of Facilities at the Vineyard. He loves Jesus, new shoes, and black coffee. Brandon is married to Christina and they have six beautiful children, Asher, Ruby, Ari, Jonah, Timothy and Esther.

Wednesday & Friday

A Teen's Guide to Wealth for Now & Later

Schools teach math but rarely do they teach the life altering basics of smart money management? It turns out Jesus had much to say about money that is still incredibly relevant to so many aspects of life today. Learn some practical money and life tips to use now that will also shape your future.

Jim Cochran served in financial oversight at the Vineyard church for 25 years and loves practical money coaching.

James Lenhoff is the co-founder of Wealthquest providing a wide array of financial management for clients. He also leads the Rich Life Podcast featuring real life money wisdom each week.

Influencer in Middle School

It’s not easy or risk-free, but you can influence other students for Christ. God’s intention is for you to become a middle school student who is spiritually influential; a student who is both willing and spiritually strong enough to shine for Jesus. Let’s talk about it.

Charlotte Jenkins is a retired registered nurse and an influential leader at the Vineyard. She serves at our Healing Center, leads a life group for couples with her husband Joe., and purposefully invests in teenagers who serve in children's ministry to help them walk out their faith with confidence. In her "free" time she enjoys music, cooking, and gardening.

Influencer in High School

It’s not an easy role or risk-free, but you can influence other students for Christ. God’s intention is for you to become a high school student who is spiritually influential; a student who is both willing and spiritually strong enough to shine for Jesus. Let’s talk about it.

Andy Bowman Andy Bowman has served in NextGen for 8 years and is currently a pastor in Vineyard Cincinnati's children's ministry. His heart and passion for high school students is only surpassed by his sweet ninja skills.

True Worship

Worship can be a dividing topic. If we focus on style, we can base our desire to worship on our own preferences. But worship is more significant that just music or singing. And bigger than our preferences. It is the very tool that moves us into the holy presence of God. Explore the purpose, benefits, and significance of worship.

Jenny Sasson is the Pastor of La Viña, Hispanic Ministry at Vineyard Cincinnati. She is passionate about Jesus. For the past 23 years, Jenny has led ministry in a variety of capacities, including worship, for churches in the U.S. and Honduras.

Getting to Know The Person & Purpose of the Holy Spirit

We talk a lot about God and his Son Jesus, but we often forget about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can seem mysterious when we don’t know much about Him or the role he plays in our life. In this session, we will get to know the Holy Spirit, his purposes, and how he operates in our lives.

Dennis Hall is the Spiritual Care Pastor at the Healing Center and has a passion for multi-ethnic/cross-cultural ministry, emphasizing reconciliation and unity in Christ. Dennis is married to Sharon and they have 4 teenage children, Joshua, Caleb, Lydia and Noah.

Thursday Only

Life After High School

Whether you have one more year of high school left, or are heading off to college, life is about to change very quickly. Are you ready for a new environment with new people and new places with no boundaries or limits to what you can do? Take an honest look at common ways students get into trouble and fall away from the faith when they leave high school and what you can do to remain in your faith.

Bevan Binder is a graphic designer at Vineyard Cincinnati. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and is passionate about stepping up the church’s game when it comes to design & sustainability. On the side, Bevan's constantly working to perfect his ping pong game and is currently accepting challengers (if you dare).

Reese Binder Reese is a kindergarten teacher in Mt Healthy helping low-income students break the cycle of poverty through education. She spent all 4 years at Miami University as a Young Life leader. She loves to read copious amounts of novels and considers herself a “dog mom” to her puppy Astro.