Lift the City

We are hosting fun-filled block parties all over Cincinnati! Join us as we have a cookout, play games, and bring joy to kids in orphanages, families at food pantries and in many neighborhoods all around the city!

Feed the City

We will deliver free groceries to families! SOS students will mobilize with a team of leaders to communities of need, knock on doors and give out free bags of groceries.

We believe that small things done with great love will change the world! 

House the City

We have the opportunity to partner with a local organization to repair homes all over Cincinnati. Some families are getting ready to lose their homes because they are not up to code, or are potentially condemned.

We get our hands dirty and help rescue homes by making repairs so people can keep their homes. We often help the sick, elderly, or those with special needs by doing yard work, landscaping, painting, or even light construction. Every project is professionally supervised.

Reach the City

We are going to make a powerful impact at SOS with a prayer walk downtown Cincinnati!

We are going to show up on the iconic Purple People Bridge (we have it reserved) for a prayer walk, share stories, and celebrate in worship together!

This is going to be a fun and powerful way to end the week together!