Lift the City

Join us as we encourage Cincinnati with block parties, bringing fun to families and seniors in underserved communities throughout our city. These are parties filled with games, age-appropriate activities, cookouts, music and more.

Feed the City

Help us as we demonstrate mercy to Cincinnati by supporting the efforts of meal distribution for vulnerable communities. We have partnered with influential organizations to supply meals to those in need.

House the City

Work with us as we ease the burden of circumstance by assisting in home rescue throughout Cincinnati. We will be making repairs and completing light construction projects to help those under the threat of losing their home and not able to keep up to appropriate code standards. Every project and site is professionally supervised.

Reach the City

Serve with us as we engage Cincinnati and its people in the natural flow of daily schedule. We will set up strategically placed car washes throughout the city providing no-strings-attached service to business owners and their customers, giving a surprise blessing to the day.